• Intellectual Property

    A number of us have extensive experience in intellectual property law and competition law, enabling us to offer our clients effective and efficient advice. We are particularly concerned with the adequate protection of the intellectual property of our clients and assist our clients before the courts or registration authorities:

    • patent law; trademark law; copyright law and neighbouring rights; design law
    • unfair competition law
    • cartel law
    • software protection
    • domain names; internet law
    • company name law
    • data protection
    • art law
  • Corporate & Commercial

    We advise local and international companies, well established corporations and start up as well as investors, managers and members of board of directors on all aspects of the incorporation or development of their company.

    Our activity covers notably the following fields:

    • incorporation of a limited liability company or of a corporation limited by shares;
    • corporate housekeeping;
    • Corporate Governance and internal organization of the board of directors;
    • restructuring, transfer of assets, mergers and demergers;
    • liquidation of companies;
    • representing companies and shareholders before courts
  • Real Estate & Construction

    We have extensive legal knowledge and considerable experience in the fields of construction and real estate. Our expertise also covers environmental and energy law. We represent our clients in all civil and administrative proceedings as well as with regards public contracts.

    Our services concern the following fields in particular:

    • transfer of ownership agreements, leases
    • contracts for the implementation of work, architect and engineer services
    • negotiations
    • managing civil proceedings and arbitration proceedings
    • administrative procedures (planning and building authorisations)
    • mobile communication installations
    • public contract law
  • Employment & Mediation

    Employment law is a daily preoccupation of ours, and companies and individuals are sure to find experienced specialists in our firm. We respond to the queries submitted to us, participate in negotiations, draft employment contracts or company regulations and assist our clients before the courts. Employment law covers the following areas in particular:

    • employment contracts
    • public employment law
    • social security insurance

    In addition, Véronique Perroud serves as professional mediator. She has extensive experience in the business world et offers a confidential environement allowing a direct communication and the search for tailored solutions.

    Her intervention is focused on the principles of neutrality and impartiality and ensures mutual respect.

    Véronique Perroud mainly intervenes as mediator in disputes stemming out of the work place but also intervenes in other contexts such as commercial and contractual, neighbourhood, family or inheritance related disputes.

  • Public & Administrative

    We have highly specialised expertise in administrative law and can offer advice, develop strategies and handle proceedings in this area. Our main areas of practice are:

    • public procurement
    • planning and construction law
    • environmental law
    • immigration law
    • traffic law
    • general administrative law
  • Contracts

    We have extensive experience in contract law. As well as offering advice and assistance before the courts, we draft and review contracts in English, French and German. Our services relate in particular to the following areas:

    • distribution agreements; agency agreements; exclusive sales agreements
    • licensing agreements
    • IT-related agreements (development agreements, licensing agreements, hosting agreements, maintenance agreements)
    • joint-venture agreements; partnership agreements
    • leasing agreements
    • work agreements; mandate agreements; brokerage agreements
    • purchase agreements
    • employment contrats
    • rental agreements
  • Criminal

    The firm enjoys a longstanding tradition of service in matters of criminal law. We offer advice and represent clients before the investigating authorities and the courts. The main areas covered are the following:

    • criminal law
    • white-collar crime
    • international mutual assistance in criminal matters
    • victim law
  • Personality & Medias

    The firm has many years experience in consulting and representation before the courts regarding media law, more particularly in relation to issues falling under personality and image rights. Several proceedings have concerned the complex problem of the diffusion of litigious comments on the Internet.

  • Inheritance

    We are skilled and experienced in the law of succession and other areas of private law. We can offer advice, define strategies and handle proceedings, particularly in the following areas:

    • inheritance law
    • property law (property, possession; story ownership, servitudes)
    • warranty contracts (warranties, contracts to the charge of a third party, securities)
    • foundation and association law
  • Civil Liability

    We are able to offer our clients specialist services in complex areas such as tort law and insurance law. We can offer advice, develop strategies and assist our clients before the authorities in the following areas:

    • civil liability
    • product liability
    • accident insurance
    • health insurance
    • unemployment insurance
    • pension funds
    • invalidity insurance
    • private insurance